Our Factories

Greenland has eight world-standard, highly advanced processing facilities, built and engineered in line with the highest food industry standards as we use the most advanced laboratory to innovate periodically and using the highest standards of quality control. In addition, Greenland owns and operates the only Whey production factory in the Middle East Region.

The strategic geographical location for the factories in the 10th of Ramadan City, 60 km from Cairo, strengthens our reach both domestically and internationally.

Greenland’s annual production capacity exceeds 100,000 tons in dairy foods and juice products, making us proud of being an expertise manufacturer for both categories.

Greenland Factories:

  • Tetra Pak Feta Cheese Factory.
  • Stacked Cheese Factory
  • Portion Cheese Factory
  • Mozzarella Cheese Factory.
  • White Cheese, Spread Cheese, and Mature Cheese Factory.
  • Concentrate Factory.
  • Milk, Juice, and Margarine Factory.
  • Whey Powder Factory.
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