Services beyond comparison

Based on the customers' needs studies and extensive experience in sales and distribution, the accessibility of products at all sales points is the marketing strategy particular target; in order to innovate and offer products that meet consumers' needs at a very affordable price.

Greenland reaches consumer's needs through enormous and highly efficient distribution network which is represented in 16 distribution centers, 268 sales people, 162 delivery vans equipped with refrigerators covering thousands of supermarkets and groceries all over Egypt guaranteeing the comprehensive and convenience circulation of goods.

In addition, the high sales volume of Greenland is attributed to the modern display methods, and to the great number of display refrigerators, which are available in most of the sales points.

Greenland marketing plans include continuous publicity campaigns through all media vehicles and special year-round campaigns.

Equally, Greenland targets global markets ready for competition. Relying on our specialized export department's understanding of markets’ needs, Greenland ensures complete satisfaction in more than 30 countries around the globe.

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